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Nr. 11500

How water becomes a disinfectant

Simple, safe, convenient - at the push of a button

With the DESI® PLASMA-FLUIDER you can easily produce your own highly effective disinfectant from drinkable tap water. A plasma-based process generates free radicals in normal drinkable tap water, which both disinfect the water and, based on this, create a disinfecting effect on surfaces. Thus, environmentally friendly disinfection can be carried out without the addition of chemicals. The water is still food safe after treatment.

Disinfecting objects.

Extending the shelf life of food.

With the DESI® PLASMA-FLUIDER, objects and food such as fruit are disinfected. Plasmatisation destroys existing bacteria and viruses and removes pesticide residues and impurities. The shelf life of food is extended.

  • With practical sieve insert for small parts
  • Water plasmatization
  • Disinfecting fruit
  • Disinfecting vegetables
  • Disinfecting toys
  • Disinfecting baby bottles
  • Disinfecting table ware

Product advantages

  • Low energy consumption: Environmentally friendly, low power consumption of only 65 W
  • Simple operation: Clear control panel and easy handling
  • Safety: Scald-free and no hot parts
  • Built-in safety circuit: prevents the machine from overheating
  • No dangerous substances in use: The machine does not contain any endocrine disrupting chemicals or dangerous substances
  • Low temperature disinfection method: Avoids loss of nutrients through high temperature disinfection. This preserves vitamins and minerals that are naturally present in foods
  • Effective residue removal: breaks down residues such as detergent residue on the surfaces of baby bottles and kitchen utensils and can effectively remove pesticide residue and bacteria on vegetables



Connection values and power: 230 V / 50 Hz / 65 watts

Disinfecting method: Plasma disinfection

Elimination rate for bacteria / viruses: 99%

Elimination rate for pesticides: 99%

Duration: 10 - 40 min

Container volume: 9 l